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The verbal comment in painting of conceptual symbolism

In painting of conceptual symbolism one of the main messages of the artist is demonstration of creative process. This moment also is the most responsible and technologically difficult as means expression of dynamics of the phenomenon in a static format of a picture. The receptions applied here aren't too diverse, but on one of them it would be desirable to point especially. The repeated thema  of a circle or a spiral  in works of the artist Evgeny Geguzin is one of such attempts to add dynamics of development to a composition statics. And use of structural soil multiply depth to the image, and tears off it from the picture plane. A certain elements of chaos in such works looks not only natural, but also are expected. This phenomenon of "the ordered chaos" in combination with distinct spiral structure of composition allows the viewer to come nearer as much as possible to perception of the author's concept in its dynamic development.

  But all these receptions of the technical plan are only urged to direct thinking of the viewer in the necessary direction, to provide rational perception of author's idea of the represented symbols. And here we pass already directly into the sphere of conceptual symbolism - - as method of realization of creative idea of the author. The visual graphics makes only the part an object. The nomination of the art-object - pictures in this case - can help us with sum more details, but the verbal comment may supply us with complete information. 

Speaking specifically about the works of the above-mentioned author we will give the picture "Russian Roulette" as an example. This art-object is interesting not only from the point of  reflection of certain contemporary details, but also illustrates - rather visually - a national mentality. Lines of gloomy ruthless predestination and fatal accidence are obvious in colors and a symbols of this painting.

Let us regard the other work from the same series - "The Russian poker”  . The specific symbol of diamond ace is not only the card term. Long time was this image on a jacket of the convicted jailbird served as an exclusive distinction, a peculiar outlow symbol of this group of people. "With a shaven head and an ace of diamonds, shackles on a leg, was to Siberia ready"  Alesha Dmitriyevich sang...