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Conceptual symbolism and intellectual decadence

In 1857 the French psychiatrist Benedict Augustin Morel published "The treatise about the phenomena of physical, intellectual and moral degeneration in the human race", and the term dégénérescence entered by it systematically corresponded further with conformable to it décadence. 

 According to the interpretation of a recognized expert in cultural studies Sergey Zenkin, these two concepts, as the decline of culture and the degeneration of the race, developing, generally parallel, constantly approached, gradually turning into a cultural and biological soil decadence

Idea of a decadence of the 19th century was attempt to understand a new round of history in refraction to culture and the personality. In this interpretation the decadence corresponded, generally to creative activities. It was used, generally in various spheres of culture: literature, art etc. Applying the term an intellectual decadence to modern society of the 21st century, we only want to show negative nature of tendencies in all vital spheres – from a child-bearing before consumption – modern civilized society, having a result its degeneration.

It is worth to remember that the millennia were necessary for mankind to return to regulations still of an antique civilization of Greece and Rome. And such phenomena as a transgendering, as zombiing of the population with TV,  as living in social networks and genetically modified feeding, as well as many other similar factors not only reduce a population reproduction, but flatten and castrate human mind and its esthetic requirements.

The direction of conceptual symbolism in the fine arts is one more attempt to get rid of oppression of civilization expenses, attempt of return to sources of art perception on the basis of clear and recognizable  images and symbols. Unlike primitivism exclusively initial images aren't used here, but also much more difficult creations exceeding sometimes limits of modern human knowledge are used. Unfortunately, the development of humanity during the post-industrial period (since the end of the 20th century) lets us more than enough bases speak but so much about the humanitarian disaster on a global scale how many about expressiveness of the effect of intellectual and moral decadence.