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Conceptual symbolism in contemporary fine arts

Conceptual symbolism in the fine arts is the phenomenon synthetic – unlike analytical conceptualism in its classical understanding. In this regard J. Kosuth called his works as "investigations". However, traditional representations of formalistic art are so implanted in human consciousness, what even desperate attempts of modern conceptualists to tear off the contents of arts from didn't crown a little notable result.

Nevertheless, works on creativity process research, which is, apparently, the sense of conceptual art we have to perceive it, distinctly identified certain vacuum generated in the process of structuring just in the artistic ideas. Attempt of conceptualism to illustrate dynamics of creative process using so static method as a visualization - is rather naive in a century of a cinema, television and tablets, and opposition of an esthetics of formal art to a pure art of a concept looks being tense today.

One of attempts of the solution of this contradiction are the works of artists of conceptual symbolism which - for all its contradictions - tries to respond adequately to the challenges of our time. Symbols are the most ancient attempt to impart knowledge of the nature of things or the phenomena through a form. At the same time the conceptual imagery of symbolism is subordinated to a single task – to make visible the reflection of the artist.

Such a synthesis of ideas and images and symbols allows not only to use various technical solutions in creativity, but also to exempt the final product from embellishment elements unusual for a procedure of real creation.