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Art Collages of Evgeny Gegouzin

It is original interpretation of a subject of Conceptual Symbolism in the Fine Arts, one more reading of the eternal Genesis and one more certificate of inexhaustible opportunities of Art of Conceptualism. These Art Collages not only combine the abstract ideas and symbols with architecture of the environment, but also give new sounding to well familiar solutions of urban space.

Being original and intriguing these decisions were primarily designed as means of promoting of a Conceptual Symbolic Fine Arts. However, introduction of the Conceptual Idea and imagination of the artist into concrete photographic pictures has caused synergy effect and presented these art-works as original art-objects.

The subject of city architecture seems to be very suitable for demonstration of opportunities of a genre. Moreover, the very tectonics of space is completely ready to transformation and conceptual reformatting. Just these moments both define additional nuances and complicate idea perception, however the same details do such works richer emotionally and more brightly visually. Association with reality brings new meanings in images of Conceptual Symbolism, and opens new opportunities for knowledge.